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Agriculture is the dominant means of production in Uganda and thus a key sector in improving people’s livelihoods through food security and household incomes through commercial farming. It is, however, pertinent to note that agriculture and the environment are complementary because of the role one plays for the other. Good farming practices sensitive to biodiversity conservation will attract favorable climate and boost the tourism sector, whose benefits, in turn, boost the agriculture sector. MEDIA, therefore, advocates for modern and eco-friendly agro-practices through expert seminars, reports, and radio magazines.


Central government asked to increase climate change funding
By Dorcus Murungi
The Kabarole District Chairperson Richard Rwabuhinga is calling upon
the central government under the line ministry of finance planning and
economic development to increase climate change funding from 17-40%.
Rwabuhinga says that in the Rwenzori region, climate change is real
as evidenced in floods, drought, heavy rains, and the extinction of snow on Mt Rwenzori.
He adds that this is a threat to humanity and needs urgent intervention.
He was speaking at the opening of the regional climate change workshop
organized by the ministry of water and was attended by all-district
leaders from the Rwenzori region at Mountains of the moon hotel in
Fort Portal.
Rwabuhinga urged district leaders to undertake activities such as
re-afforestation and swamp reclamation to avoid further climate